Monday, 10 October 2016

Plain answers will do Mr PM

In an article on SRC by Sarawak Report, the following appeared:-
“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said details on the RM4 billion loan from Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP) to SRC International cannot be revealed as it has not been audited. Najib, who is also Finance Minister, in a written reply to Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz (DAP-Raub) said 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MBD), the former parent company of SRC International, would not reveal such information before it was audited. “The information requested (by Ariff) is part of the information that has not been audited. “1MDB has a standard practice where only detailed information that has been audited will be shared to the public to ensure that the information is accurate and genuine,” he said. [New Straits Times]

That is Blue Ocean Strategy in practice for you. Create an uncontested boundary. Erect all sort of obstacles. Legislate something to block people from entering the boundary. Apply the OSA. Provide the tipping point leadership in elevating refusal to answer as something respectable. 
Najib is 5th Amendment-ing himself.

Many of us lost track on the questions we asked in parliament. It is becoming a frustrating and depressing avenue to ask meaningful questions and get meaningful answers. The government places us in a merry go round. To-ing and fro-ing. Therefore talking directly to people- in the streets, in coffee shops is better. Let people listen to us unplugged.

Almost every question asked about 1MDB, and SRC or any investment and spending by GLCs were almost never answered.

I won’t dignify the refusal to answer by asking the next logical question- if the amount of money spent by SRC cannot be answered on account of its accounts haven’t been audited, when can they be audited? I won’t ask in parliament that is. 
I didn’t ask whether the accounts on SRC are audited or not- I merely asked what happened to the money already spent. Waiting for the audited reports would mean only now applying medical assistance, when the patient has already died.

I just want answers to what happened to the RM4 billion loan taken by SRC and where was it applied? Yes- the usual Dale Carnegieic or Napoleon Hill who, what, where, why, when and how.

Don’t give us the filibuster treatment. Getting a truthful answer is always frustrated by all sort of red-herrings. It’s not audited. It’s still a classified case. We are looking after the money- it is safe assures the PM.

No one believes the PM anymore.

What happened to the 2 goons who were looking after the money? The Nik Faisal person and the Dato Subuh chap. I hear the Dato Subuh chap is frequently sighted at the Chengkih restaurant in Taman tun Dr Ismail while the Nik Arif Faisal fellow is rumoured to be having a good time in Indonesia. Pak- kamu sudah diperkosai atau sudah memperkosai? Bila pulang pak?

They are protected by MO1.

Why aren’t these people brought in for questioning? Up to today, SRC hasn’t explained its illegal transfer of RM42 million into Najib’s account. If Najib doesn’t have control and doesn’t know about his personal account, how can we trust this man with running this country? This man must be the thickest PM we have ever had.

Every question on SRC has been stonewalled. Najib and his band of thieves will make sure they are never answered, or will evade answering by giving 1001 excuses. I hope that imbecilic mercenary residing in Manchester will not ask to list the 1001 reasons to defend SRC.

1MDB, SRC or any other GLC for that matter, each and single one of them, is another instrument for extractive economics pursued by blue ocean thinker Najib. They are just fronts for milking money on behalf of UMNO.

Please don’t pontificate about the Blue Ocean strategy to us. The only means Najib understand by which to create uncontested boundaries is to eliminate competitors and create a monopoly or in the case of this SRC, to create a black hole from which no information emerges. Indeed Najib provides the tipping point leadership- everything he heads tips towards the cliff end.

The big picture, is how to steal money using the least costly thieving operations. Justify every spending as part of an overall investment in strategic business projects for and on behalf of the nation. . The only thing strategic about Najib’s business ventures thus far, is the speed by which billions are sucked into a bottomless vortex.

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