Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Private vileness and opportunistic public life

People have often asked, how did Najib turned bad? Wasn’t he just like any other spoilt rich man’s son, happily doing pub crawls and sowing his wild oats on stray women acquaintances considered as spoils along the trail?
I am sure many have asked this question because they do not want to believe that Najib has two personalities. The public Najib is a reflection of the private Najib. And if in private, he is a decent fellow as many would say so, then his public personae, which is opposite his private self, must have been nurtured by his environment.
The problem is this. The public personae displays consistency such that it is difficult not to infer a permanent inner character trait. The outside personality cannot just be occasional reactions to outside stimuli. We are therefore inclined to say Najib’s private vileness meshed exactly his brutal and opportunistic public style.
That description I borrow from Christopher Hitchens’s description of slick Willy Clinton. In simpler terms, the public personae which Najib portrays is a near reflection of his private personae. Bad inside, bad outside.
Because if he has an ethical inner self- that that would be enough to stop him from 1MDB-eing Malaysia.  He was crooked on the inside and outside. It’s difficult for us to understand, why he approved the money sent to Jho Low’s account not once, but twice.  An inherently crooked inner self is the only explanation. The intention to steal was there right from the beginning.
The test of Najib’s fitness for high office is now his ability to lie continuously. It’s not his desire to serve the 30 million people of Malaysia. It was never the commitment to religion, race and country. Who does that anymore?
Management of populism by elitism.
The most successful elite group is the one who can win the allegiance of a pliant and dependent crowd. Which can present itself as most in touch with popular concerns- such as portraying itself as stout defenders of religion, the purity of race, protector of Malays from challenges, which  are mostly imagined. It also includes the insipid inclusiveness slogan of putting people first. Putting people first where? In the line of fire? As the first to suffer?


  1. Many may know the answer but may be silent for 'lindong diri' or self preservation.

  2. very very few humans can remain steadfast n up right when they r in power especially when it is almost absolute.

    some r very good at hiding n some r good actors. however I consider them as munafik.

    najib n rosmah r caught wth 'no clothes on'. tlh d bogelkan - huduh melihat nya. namun mereka sudah beriltizam utk kekal berkuasa sungguh pun lubang2 yg mereka gali sukar d tutup hanya dgn 'guni dedak buruk'.

    orang pekan tlh d belai selama ini sahinggakan mereka menjadi rabun utk melihat kemusnahan yg sedang d lakukan terhadap Negara.

    it is time that they b made 2 waka up from their slumber.

    insy'allah both of us (anak Pekan) can contribute 2wards this honorable effort.


  3. Dato':

    Why don't you print 10,000 leaflets of your post in Malay and distribute to the rural folks around Pekan ? I think the monthly Parliament allowance is enough to do this, no ?

    The Malays are too forgiving, everything is down to Allah's will. Tidak apa lah, itu rezeki dia. That's how Bijan manages to survive.

  4. Najib has mastered the art of silat well.And his sifu is Mahathir.Now the student is the boss.And there is nothing anybody can do about it.Not even the master.

    1. pls do not b 2 confident wth yr analysis.

      in malay folklore d master will only pass down 2 his pupil 9 out of 10 skills/ilmu less his understudy decides 2 rebel.

      thus tun m still has d ultimate weapon. we don't actually know what it is. so b patient.

    2. Tun M mastered the art of statesman for the people. Now whoever taught Najib the pseudo-art of conman of the people?

    3. when u marry 4 d second time solely by using yr heart rather than yr head, than d danger of catastrophic failure or glorious success is always possible.

      do we need 2 elaborate further?

  5. Born a liar, always a liar however much he tried to manipulate the truth.

  6. Whoever coined the phrase Like Father Like Son will suffer a stroke on looking at this !