Thursday, 25 August 2016

Malay attitude on morality, theft and conduct unbecoming.

I have not written in the English language for a long time. I have shut down my blog Sakmongkol AK 47, I hope, temporarily. During the time it was shut down, friends and foes have asked and talked about it. My adversaries, during their kopitiam BS sessions, have spread the story that I have been paid to shut down my blog. I can deny that categorically.
In the meantime, I will write in a blog I have recently created. You are currently reading it now. Sakmongkol AK47 may still yet return.
I am quite amused really at our humouring ourselves debating the nature of the DOJ action regarding 1MDB. Our leader says it’s just a civil action. Suggesting that by civil-ising the action by the DOJ, that takes away the sting from what the DOJ action has revealed. It does nothing of that sort. The second rate UMNO leaders all followed suit to trivialise the civil action of the DOJ. The PM and his brownshirts are only deceiving themselves.
Allow us to explain.
It is true the action taken by the DOJ is a civil suit. It seeks  court sanction to seize the properties and monies earned by the Wolf of Wall street motion pictures and earnings of Red Granite. Because it claimed, the financing of the motion picture and the purchase of properties and chattels was done with stolen money. The act of spending the money is considered as laundering of the stolen money. These, claimed the DOJ, as per para 7 of the DOJ pleading document, are conduct criminal by nature.
There you are- criminal conduct led to the transfer of money into the USA and the stolen money was laundered by making a movie and  purchasing of 17 properties, moveable and unmovable. The thieves spent million of Dollars having a good time, partying and gambling. They did that with money stolen from 1MDB. 
Theft is a crime. Laundering money is another crime.
It is because of the action by the DOJ, we now have irrefutable narration of what truly happened to some portion of the 1MDB money. We cannot account for at least USD7-8 billion of the 1MDB money. Here, is what happened to a portion.
We know now, all the money spent by Low Taek Jho, by Riza Aziz, by khadem al Qubaisi, by Badawy Husseini, by Eric Tan, by Casey Tang, possibly by Shahrol Helmi,  and even the phantom of 1MDB- the notorious but shy and coy MO1, are all from 1MDB. They spent money stolen from 1MDB. They are therefore thieves. If they have good education, then they are clever thieves. Their upbringing on the other hand, is questionable.
But despite knowing that the money was stolen by these individuals, Malaysians remain a cuckolded and submissive lot.
Why is it, especially Malays are easily forgiving despite having their money being stolen? Yet they claimed this is their country. That claim ought to be supported by a desire to jealously guard their money from embezzlement and theft. Public money is converted into private money by people like MO1, Jho Low, Casey tang, Eric Tan, the Arab people and possibly some more thieves at large.
No wonder Proudhon said, private property is theft!
Could it be that Malays have some kindred spirit with thieves and that, unfortunately and embarrassingly make all Malays dormant thieves? Or is it because Malays insist that embezzling money if done in the name of race, religion and King becomes forgivable? Thievery by another Malay is excusable because he is one of us- same race and same religion? What Najib has done is excusable on account of him being of the same race and religion? 
If that is so, then please invite the pemuda UMNO, the Ketua Bahagians into your homes and allow them to sleep with your wives and daughters and sons- and you will say, that is all right, because he and they are one of us- same religion- same race.
Does putting it as just a civil action, the economic calamity befalling our country is relieved? A crime becomes a good deed, thievery becomes a legitimate investment?
USD3.5 billion has been stolen from us by a band of thieves and we, especially the Malays are defending theft and the thieves?
What is more important and ought to be our core concern, is the exposure done by DOJ. Hell- do we wait for certification from the DOJ to recognise that we have been robbed? Without our knowledge, the leader of this country and his band of merry thieves have stolen money from 1MDB. The DOJ has it at UD3.5 billion.
We await news and revelations from countries like Switzerland. Hong Kong. Singapura, France. And other countries.
We know who the thieves are now. Whoever took 1MDB money, whether they say it’s a gift, donation or anything they want to assert- the thieves include:- MO1;  Shahrol Halmi. Casey Tang. Jasmine loo. Riza Aziz. Low Taek Jho. Peter Mahoney. Tarek Obaid. Al Qubaisi. Badawy Husseini.
We also know in addition to the DOJ document exposed, money has gone missing from KWAP. Money from SRC has also gone missing. We know who facilitated the spiriting of money from SRC- Nik Faisal and Dato Subuh.
What is our message to them? That you cannot escape and we shall hunt you down and when we catch you, we will string you by the balls and we will have the females hung by their feet, heads down. Why should we show you any clemency?
Where is Malay morality? Just because the evil deeds are commissioned by Malays, we forgive them? Once again- is it because he is one of us? We on the other hand, are not thieves.Spare us from being inducted into the Hall of Infamy by default.
Low Taek Jho, Eric Tan, are accomplices in the wider scheme of an evil plan. Or as Sarawak Report puts it- The Heist of the Century. The one allowing this theft to take place, is the government led by an UMNO Malay, and by extension by Malays.  This is an unholy union between Malay, Chinese, Arab and Caucasian thieves. They are thieves all the same. 
Who is PokeMO1?
MO1 is indisputably Najib Tun Razak. So I find it energy and time wasting to carry out demonstrations to ferret out MO1. He is none other than the PM. The Malays must accept the FACT that this Bugis descendant has pillaged our treasury. Long ago it was piracy on the high seas, nowadays, its piracy on the treasury.
So it isn’t enough for the Langkawi MP to say he is sorry. As the old saying goes, sorry–no-cure. The Langkawi MP has painted the YDP Agong as a despicable individual who has received millions of US Dollars from an Arab Prince, from Blackstone Asia and from Tanore Finance Corporation. Is Riza Aziz therefore a relative to the Agong? Is the account at Ambank private Banking, which received the transfer of millions of US Dollars owned by the YDP Agong?
The MP from Langkawi has desecrated the honour of the YDP Agong. The YDP Agong is represented as an individual who has committed some criminal acts.
That is conduct most unbecoming of an UMNO MP. but then it is UMNO who has reared this kind of beastly individual.

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