Monday, 5 September 2016

Najib's comeuppance will come soon.

There is nothing to shout about at Najib’s declaration that he is not afraid of anyone, except Allah almighty. It was only a Tarzan-esque chest-thumping gesture to reassure him and his home supporters. Mustn’t upset the punters! Bums on the seats, bums on the seats.

The only ones celebrating with him are his toadying sycophants.

Najib’s footprints and handprints are all over the 1MDB financial scandal. No one is blind to that. 
We have here a crooked leader and his corrupt government. He has been singled out as MO1. The nature of his links with 1MDB will be spilled out sooner or later. Don’t be fooled by his what-me-worry Alfred Newman’s composure.

It’s disgraceful- nobody is quarreling with Malaysia. The quarrel is with Najib. Najib did not steal in the name of this country. He uses this country to legitimise his pillage. The country does not abandon him, Najib abandons Malaysia.

As to not being afraid of anyone, everyone can say that. More so, such personal affirmation is not limited to the Muslim only. Other people of any religious denomination will say he is not afraid of anyone mortal except his immortal God. Except that Najib speaks in his capacity as PM- what he says therefore has a higher decibel level. But that is all.

He is afraid or not afraid of God, is not relevant to us. Since he is a Muslim, I take it that when he spoke those words, he has in mind, only a Muslim audience. So we shall answer him- hello brader- all Muslims are not afraid of anyone except Allah.

If he Najib is afraid, he would not have created 1MDB; he would not have committed all those wrongdoings with 1MDB. Actually he mocks Allah. Allah does not hurl lighting spears to skewer Najib while he was delivering his speech on stage.

If he is afraid of God, why protect Shahrol Azral, why fire Ghani Patail, why kick out Muhyidin, intimidate MACC officers, some police, and why place the whole of Malaysia in economic harm’s way? Shall we wait for God to reveal the answers to Najib since he has arrogated himself as the chief spokesman and interpreter of whom God likes or dislikes? A few weeks ago, one minion of a leader described Najib as God’s gift to the Malays.

It is not difficult to envisage that soon, some UMNO brown noses will declare Najib as God’s shadow on earth. I think that has already happened when Nazri Aziz declared that whatever the president does, must be supported absolutely. That invitation to complete obeisance is usually reserved for the Sultan who is described in such reverential terms.

Ergo, Hail Sultan Najib.

Just don’t be a pompous braggart. Najib has no special relationship with Allah. Allah is no UMNO member. Or could it be, that I have missed some piece of crucial information that has declared that Najib has gotten special dispensation and permission from God that he can steal, rob and plunder the country? Or could I have missed any announcement that declared that God is an UMNO member who must answer and obey the omnipotent party president?  The great leader?

Then, all hail Kim il Najib.

So please stop being sanctimonious by dragging Allah’s name to save your skin. The rapist appearing before the judge in court wears a skullcap and dressed himself in some religious accoutrement.   He thinks God is on his side already. There is a similarity between Najib invoking God’s name and the rapist who now appears with a renewed sense of religiosity in court.

Invoking God’s alliance with him, does not excuse Najib from being answerable to the temporal courts should he be found involved in the 1MDB heist and sting job. There are countless others who swore on Wallahi, wabillahi , watallahi.

So we move to the more basic but mysterious question as why Malays especially the UMNO people continue to be complicit with a party president who is deep in his arse with the greatest embezzlement job in the history of Malaysia?

Has the Malay got no moral compass?

I think there is one underlining reason that can explain why Malays continue to support Najib and his UMNO despite knowing and being aware that this man has stolen money from 1MDB. Despite knowing that this country’s PM is a common money launderer. We shall come to that in a moment.

For the moment, allow us to hurl some bitterness and diatribe so as to release our tension.

We now know that he is the embezzler–in-chief. It is impossible for us to accept that as chief, he got only USD1 billion when we still cannot account for USD6-8 billion from 1MDB. The rest of the money may be stashed somewhere in secret accounts yet to be discovered.

This is a kleptocratic government. It is a kleptocratic government, by the kleptocratic clique for the kleptocratic clique. It’s the stylised version of Joe Stiglitz’s government of the 1%, by the 1% for the 1%. The corruption epidemic has infected the sinews and bowels of government. The cancer of corruption is ravaging the government. 
In the last few days, the MACC has redeemed some of its credibility and fearlessness by hauling in an ex general and a senior officer from Bandaraya.  

We should not be too worried about the admission from Najib’s chief macai that he is proud to be Najib’s bootlicker. This intellectual gnome has nothing else to say but utter some apologetic puke-like rationalisation. We enjoyed our laughs at his pained invocation that Najib is committed to religion, race and country supplication. Every thief will say the same thing. All rogues and scoundrels will hide behind the religion, race and country claptrap.

When we take over this government, we shall freeze all the accounts belonging to the KSUs, TKSUs, and heads of departments, judges and the accounts of those who have leeched on the body government. We will check the accounts of the gatekeepers including that of the cerebral gnome offering his tail in between the legs rationalisation.

Or will UMNO spring to their defence?

Let us get back to the basic reason why Malays continue to support UMNO despite knowing it is corrupt. The reason appears to be known to many thinkers. The reason being, Malays cannot afford to distinguish between wrong and right for as long they do not have economic independence. As long as they are economically dependent on the government, they continue to be pliant and submissive. Hence economic emancipation is the key to Malay liberation- not heightened religious consciousness nor unmitigated nationalism.

As long as Malays depend on BR1M, on command centre economic planning, waiting for government initiatives, rely on government assistance and other forms of goodwill often masking exploitative business agendas, the Malays will continue to be enslaved.


  1. It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
    "There are four characteristics, of which whoever bears them all is thus an undiluted hypocrite. And whoever has one of these characteristics has one mark of hypocrisy, until he gives it up:(1) when he speaks he lies, (2) when he makes an agreement he betrays it (3) when he makes a promise he breaks it, and (4) when he disputes he will resort to obscene speech."

    [narrated by al-Bukhari (34) and Muslim (58)]

    All rogues and scoundrels will hide behind the religion, race and country claptrap.

    1. We can see the desperation in him now as he invoking Allah name by saying lies to justify his wrongdoings..

      He is not God's gift or shadow...that is for sure..

      He definitely doesnt fear Allah as he lies in the name of Allah to save his own skin..

  2. I have two or three things to add to your excellent posting.

    First, as to why the umno people in particular are indifferent to the embezzlement of the 1MDB...

    Really this is not a tough question at all.

    From time immemorial it has been the practice of the umno leaders at all levels to use whatever at their disposal as vehicles to get rich at the rakyat expense. It is in their blood and soul - no escape till the end of time.

    As for investigations to be done on those who most probably have profited from the abuse of their positions, surely we should include those who have retired and even the ones who have left this earth! It is all for justice - and reminders to all who come later that we the people are not fools.

    Third, these days even when the MAAC appear to be flexing its muscles, for how long this will last? And just as important is this: will these people they investigated see their days in courts – and at the end suffer the just punishments?

    I am afraid that in so many important things in this country we have nothing but wayang. The world of make believe is not just found in Hollywood, Kollywood and whatnot for it is here alive and well in Malaysia as well.