Thursday, 1 September 2016

Lies and Truths

The current mission of UMNO leaders and their mercenary bloggers is to confuse the people. Confusion when achieved, will result in despair which causes those assaulted mentally, to adopt the status quo. Retaining the status quo becomes the best bet for confused people. Why change? Why reinvent the wheel they say?

The propagandists use the most mind-gripping weapon they have- they say the opposition when they come to power will do much worse.

As we have said before, this is a case of projective or prospective blackmailing- projecting the same evils caused by the present government as that which we be caused more severely by the opposition when they come to power. Therefore, might as well remain with the current government. Better side with the devil we know, then the angel we don’t know.

The sooner we realised that freedom of choice, which is the essence of democracy is not opened to the mentally enslaved, like most of our people are, we must continue to work hard and intensely, challenging the storylines created by the UMNO brownshirts.

So that is why the UMNO people and their hired guns continue to pummel and bludgeon the people with repeated lies so as to achieve the Goebbels effect.  Which is, lies when repeated become accepted as truths.

Our duty then, is to untangle this confusing web of lies and deceit. In doing that, we are guided by the only weapon we have- articulation of the hard truth.

Why do we do that? Just as in the market system, the consumer must be offered competing products- truth and lies. Let the people choose between the two. That is the reason why we adopt the motto, stop the lies or we will not stop telling the truth.

The people representing the liars will cheat, twist facts, invent storylines, or carry out a self-righteous exposé of the sins of others. The object of the last strategy, is to divert people’s attention from the real crime of the century- which is Najib stealing money from us through 1MDB. That is what matters most to us right now.

We have a dishonest leader who intended to steal money because he was greedy and thought he was beyond the reach of the people and law. He thought he was unassailable. Right now he is- because he is protected by the AG and the IGP. And the vehemence and robust though mindless defence by his Rottweilers.

But we have the most potent weapon- the truth. The truth is ,once again-we have a dishonest leader, who cheated repeatedly, who embezzled money, lied about getting it, abuses his powers to dismiss the AG, Bank Governor and have those civil servants who were threats to him, removed.  He uses laws to intimidate and bully people into submission. Or some of them.

But all these measure refuse to remove the truth- we have a dishonest and rotten PM.

Let us just call it just that- !MDB was a model of embezzling money from the people using a seemingly legitimate façade. 1MDB was called a strategic investment company. The only thing strategic about 1MDB, in the sense of giving advantage to its creators, is to allow them to steal money.

Let us not forget, that these people thought they could plug the holes of 1MDB by doing an IPO on its energy business. Had the IPO plan been successful, the money earned through over subscription of the outstanding stock, will be used to cover all the stealing that to took place inside 1MDB.

Then we would have never known about the money stolen by Tarek Obaid and Jho Low. Why are these people still free? Is the IGP too dumb-witted to recognise that money has been stolen by Jho Low aided and abetted by people like shahrol halmi, Casey Tang and others who insisted and lied that GoodsTar Ltd is a subsidiary of Petrosaudi. 
We could never have known about the two Arabs- Qubaisi dan husseini who  diverted USD1.4 billion. They are aided and abetted by the same people. We would have never known about USD681 million diverted into Najib's account. We will never know yet, where the money was returned to. Where did the USD620 million go to? 
Perhaps God’s gift to the Malays will produce documentary proof as to how he returned this amount. Bank Negara seemed to have no records about this remittance. No records, unless it was sleeping and the Bank Negara officials were actually incompetent.


  1. Not only that cash has been embezzled, but also that for the so called business transactions such as the buying of the IPPs and real estates from cronies or the selling of bonds every single time cronies are made to make as much money as possible. In the case of the buying transactions, prices paid were way above the market prices. As for the latter, the bonds were issued at discount for no reason to allow the selling later on by the bond holders at market prices of course.

    Hence, the 1MDB - and Malaysia as a whole too - is just a vehicle for some small group of people to embezzle or make tonnes of money at the expense of the rakyat.

    The case of Sarawak during the white hair reign is another fine one as far as the abuse of power for private gain is concerned. Perhaps a half to two third of a trillion ringgit has gone into the pockets of the power abuser, family members and cronies - and justice is nowhere to be found to this day due to the fault of many including the joking MACC, the oblivious rakyat and syok sendiri Opposition.

    Indeed, we all get what we truly deserve.

  2. Tuan, mungkinkah penubuhan FGV juga adalah untuk membayar hutang atau menutup penyelewengan 1MDB. Mungkin pemegang saham boleh siasat perkara ini.